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Fede! is a carwash remote management tool developed not only to improve carwash experience, but to also help carwash owners remotely monitor activity at their carwash in real-time.

About Fede

What is Fede!

Fede! is a 100% Swati developed solution for managing carwash workflows. At Fede.Africa we understand the importance of real-time information availability. Hence we have built a solution for carwash owners to freely manage their carwashes from anywhere anytime.

Fede! has also been built to assist carwash castomers improve their carwash experience through a platform that makes available real-time information on wash status and makes it possible to pay for carwash services in various ways including cash, mobile money or creadit.

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Key Features

Key Features On Fede!

  • Queue Management & Daily Reports

    With Fede, managing carwash queues has just become easier. Fede is built to help carwash floor managers manage the way cars queue and get washed. Fede assists with easy tracking of wash statuses as they move through the process from the time when the car arrives, to when it gets washed and to eventually when it is ready for collection.

  • Employee Perfomance Management

    With Fede carwash owners can track the perfomance of thier employees, seeing details like the number of cars each employee has washed over a daily, weekly and monlthly period. Fede also assists with measuring perfomance interms of the avarage time it takes an employee to start and complete a single wash. This information can then be used for perfomance based incentives.

  • Cash Collection Accounting

    Fede makes it easy for carwash owners to manage money collections. With Fede, payment collections per registered wash are automatically tallied up, making it easy to do end of day accounting. The app also separates collections based on payment methods used.

  • Payment Method Selection

    Fede has been built to integrate with a number of payment methods. The aim is to make sure that carwash customers are able to conviniently pay for wash services using any payment medium of their choice. With Fede, it is possible to pay for carwash services using cash, credit, MOMO and Visa Bank Cards.

  • Your Wash Your Donation

    Did you know that for each wash you do at a Fede registered carwash, you have an option to select a beneficiary where part of your payment amount will be donated? Get to a Fede registered carwash today and start making a meaningful contribution to a beneficiary of your joice.

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